Top 4 Masculinity Books 2017

Below you will find my recommend BEST MASCULINITY BOOKS of 2017 for all ages! Take a moment to read a little background about each book and maybe consider joining me on an intriguing summer reading journey? #1 PARENTING BOOK 2017 Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys Authors: Stephen James and David Thomas Amazon Link […]

The thing about hip-hop to remember is that everybody was holding onto a false sense of masculinity, a false bravado, machismo, tough guy. Kanye [West] comes along with pink Polos and backpacks, Drake’s emotional, and Chance [the Rapper] is like, ‘Man, I don’t even play by those rules.’ Hip-Hop doesn’t play by those rules anymore. Just be yourself. There’s more room for people to be themselves and not feel like they’re a part of a box. People are open to exploring that.

LeCrae, Exclusive: Lecrae Talks Hip-Hop’s Changing Views on Religion & Masculinity (