Breaking Masculinity Stereotypes


I was a young man who was searching for answers. The subject never came up and I definitely didn’t want to embarrass myself and inquire about the thoughts that permeated my adolescent cerebrum. I wanted to be a “real man” as well as a loving, faithful husband and a dedicated, compassionate father in the future. […]

Vertical Masculinity

Masculinity is not a one-dimensional, blasé topic to be overlooked and there are far reaching and devastating implications when we allow “horizontal” masculinity to contaminate our thinking, confuse our relationships, and clutter our churches.” It should come as no surprise, to those who know me well, that I am both intrigued and inspired by the […]

Top 4 Masculinity Books 2017

Below you will find my recommend BEST MASCULINITY BOOKS of 2017 for all ages! Take a moment to read a little background about each book and maybe consider joining me on an intriguing summer reading journey? #1 PARENTING BOOK 2017 Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys Authors: Stephen James and David Thomas Amazon Link […]

6 Masculinity Myths

We Need To Discredit

When I was in middle school, my favorite comic book character was The Mighty Thor. He was the muscular, hammer-wielding embodiment of strength, fertility, and healing. He was a protector of mankind and a rescuer of underdogs, and I always found that concept attractive. But there was also a measure of rebellion in choosing this […]

Men, Worship, and Church

No Excuses

“Worship… is not something a person experiences, it is something we do, regardless of how we feel about it.” – Eugene Peterson Almost every time I read an article or social media post on masculinity and the church, I am struck by the narrowness of the popular Christian prescription for “biblical manhood.” Many articles on […]