Breaking Masculinity Stereotypes


I was a young man who was searching for answers. The subject never came up and I definitely didn’t want to embarrass myself and inquire about the thoughts that permeated my adolescent cerebrum. I wanted to be a “real man” as well as a loving, faithful husband and a dedicated, compassionate father in the future. […]

“We Rad Dads” PODCAST

On May 23, 2016 I spent the day at the Starved Rock Lodge & Conference Center completing my Not A Male Fail book proposal. One of the highlights of my day, other than the beautiful views, was my conversation with Walter Eggers both before and during the recording of the We Rad Dads podcast. Walter […]

Next Week I’ll Hold Her Again!

(written for my college creative writing class 2013) I’m glad she’s back around.                              I waited way too long.         She speaks my language, warms my heart,                 provides me comfort and daily motivation.                                         She’s hot. I love her scent.                 I miss her company.                               I no longer must dream for she is […]

Pastor Looking For Not So Perfect Church

I’ve looked through a lot of church staffing job descriptions over the last few months and it’s always fun to see what each church is looking for in a pastor. I thought I’d take a few moments to turn the table and write a job description for the kind of church I’m seeking. Senior Pastor […]

Pastor’s Wife Seeking Church Without a Pastor

Dear Church: So, I know you’re looking for a lead or senior pastor. You’re looking for that guy that has vision and can execute the mission. He needs to be a shepherd, a discipler, an encourager, a motivator. You’re searching for a good speaker who is true to God’s Word and can communicate the Gospel […]