Steve Hinkle (the author of Masculinity ReThink and the upcoming book NOT A MALE FAIL is passionate about encouraging and empowering men (young & old) who struggle because of cultural or Christian
masculinity stereotypes.

This blog and his book will help ALL men as well as their spouses, parents, and mentors!


Steve Hinkle is passionate about encouraging and empowering men (young and old) and his blog of two years has focused on advocating for men and boys who may feel like a male fail because of cultural or Christian masculinity stereotypes. Steve has worked closely with and ministered to teenagers and adults as a pastor, church planter, youth pastor, and educator for over twenty years. He has ministered in Pilsen, Chicago, Illinois; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Hamilton, Virginia (outside of Washington DC); and Will County, Illinois.

Steve and Suzette have been married for fifteen years and are the parents of five children: Candace (age 26), Cameron (age 24), Caroline (age 22), Caitlyn (age 21), and Caiden (age 11). They live in Joliet, Illinois just outside Chicago, where Steve serves as spiritual development and teaching pastor at Grace Bible Church, Minooka.

Over the past two years, Steve has presented the message of this book to a growing audience and has been a featured writer and contributor to many online communities including: The Good Man Project, Christians for Biblical Equality and churchleaders.com. He has been interviewed on several podcasts including The Good Men Project Show with Dr. Vibe, Fatherpreneurship and We Rad Dads. Steve’s contributions on the topics of masculinity come from his personal stories and observations as well as an extensive library of over sixty books on the topic.

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